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A traditional English pub overlooking the River Cam

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Cosy Lounge
Riverside Bar
Riverside Terrace
Upper Bar Views
The Anchor Pub can be found in the heart of Cambridge on Silver Street, about 20 minutes from the train station. It is located right next to the river Camb and so has one of the best spots of any pub in the city.
The pub is large with four floors and a fairly modern design. However, what the pub lacks in traditional architectural beauty, it makes up for in location. The riverside setting makes for a wonderful place to enjoy a cool crisp pint or glass of wine, watch the world go by and soak up the tranquil beauty of the river.
However, in the summer months it won’t take long for this peaceful atmosphere to be broken by the sound of laughter and splashing as the iconic Cambridge River punts pass by the pub’s terrace. Students spend much of the summer playing on the river in these wooden boats. Crashing into one another and occasionally “accidentally” knocking a friend into the river! The punts can be hired not far from the anchor and a trip down the Camb makes for a fun afternoon.

The Anchor, overlooking the River Cam
The pub offers a wide section of both British and international beers, a moderate wine list and good old fashioned pub food. The terrace can become busy in sunnier weather but there is plenty of room across the pubs four floors.
The life of the Anchor has also left a significant impression on the musical map. In the 1960’s a local student called Keith Barrett was struck by the drumming of a local musician playing at the Anchor. Inspired by what he saw he adopted the nickname Syd, after the visiting drummer, and went on to form one of the most influential and popular bands in music history; Pink Floyd.

The Pub Sign
Take a trip to the Anchor and enjoy the unparalleled river views, energetic atmosphere and an afternoon drink.  Maybe, just maybe, you too will see the inspiration behind one of the future’s most significant bands……
Visitor Information
The pub is open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 11pm and Sunday noon to 11pm. Food served daily, including Sunday lunch. Tel: 01223 535 554

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