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Beautiful gardens with year around interest

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Autumn Garden
Lake & Woodland Garden
Rose Garden
Tropical Rainforest
Cambridge University Botanic Garden was established by Professor John Stevens Henslow in 1831. The land was acquired by the University for use as a teaching and research resource. It opened to the public in 1846 and today welcomes over 100,000 visitors a year. It is situated less than a mile to the south of the City centre and is only a five minute walk from the train station.

Enjoying the view of the Botanic Gardens
Photo © Robin Ansell (CC)
The tranquil 40 acre gardens offer year round interest to visitors with over 10,000 labeled plant species. The plants are set amongst varied and beautiful landscapes including the Tropical Rainforest, the Rock Garden, with its numerous alpine plants, the Lake and Water Garden, which is home to a wide range of birds, as well as numerous seasonal greenhouses.

Exotic plants in and around the greenhouse
Photo © Nick Stenning (CC)
The Garden is also home to many important plant collections such as hardy geraniums, tulips and lavenders. Whatever time of year the Garden has plenty to offer, from the beautiful Winter Garden, full of berries and bark, to the explosion of coloured foliage in the Autumn Colour Garden. In the greenhouses, one can journey from the plants of the tropics to the cacti of the desert, via carnivorous plants, orchids and the amazing Jade Vine, which flowers in March. Summer highlights include the Dry Garden and the Scented Garden which are full of aromas that delight the senses. The jeweled carpet of spring bulbs hidden within the Woodland Garden is also a delightful spring surprise.

Summer Flowers
Photo © pyntofmyld (CC)

Lake and Woodland
Photo © Robin Ansell (CC)

A Goose on the lake at the Botanic Gardens
Photo © Robin Ansell (CC)

Red Berries in the Winter Garden
Photo © rubberpaw (CC)

Meadow and Grasses
Photo © artq55 (CC)

A grass snake spotted in the lake!
Photo © ptc24 (CC)
Back in the early 1830’s, Henslow, perhaps best remembered for inspiring his pupil Charles Darwin with a passion for the natural sciences, realised the importance of researching and studying plants. As a result, as well as being open to the public the garden continues to be used for research and as an education tool. For example, the Genetics Garden has been recently planted to highlight how genetic variation gives rise to the diversity of plants we see around us. Evolution house gives a taste of the journey plants have been on from the dawn of life through to the modern era.  So whether its aesthetics, tranquility or science that you’re looking for, the Cambridge University Botanic Garden delivers a wonderful experience as an oasis of beauty right in the heart of the city.
Visitor Information
The Botanic Gardens are open daily from 10am, closing times vary according to the season. Entrance costs £4 for adults, £3.50 concessions and children FREE. Tel: 01223 336 265

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