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A tourist town on the coast in the East Riding of Yorkshire

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Bridlington sits on the coast in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is a town of two halves, with both inland and coastal areas. The first of these is the main shopping and residential section, which is around a kilometre and a half away from the sea. The coastal section, on the other hand, is the biggest draw for visitors and tourists.
The main attraction is certainly the beach, which is also split in half. The Northern side is known for its Edwardian-themed promenade, as well as its white chalk cliffs, which border the sand. Within walking distance is the friendly village of Sewerby, and its Grade I-listed Sewerby Hall, which stands on the cliff top within 50 acres of beautiful gardens. If you don't feel like walking, then don't worry, because there's a miniature train line that will take you all the way there and back.

Sewerby Hall
Photo James Cridland
The southern side of the beach, meanwhile, has a recently modernised promenade, which features beach huts and shops. The sand here seems to be endless, stretching off into the horizon and disappearing from view. Together, Bridlington's two beaches provide a good choice of entertainment that includes funfairs, amusement arcades, and boat rides.

Bridlington Beach
Photo johncooke
Elsewhere, the shoreline provides other diversions, such as its harbour, which acts as a reminder of the town's past as a fishing port. Today, the marina here is mainly full of leisure craft, but it still provides boat enthusiasts with plenty to look at. Just to the south of here is The Spa, a popular entertainment venue that puts on a wide programme of theatre, music, and dance.

Bridlington Harbour
Photo cooldudeandy01
Bridlington's other identity can be seen by leaving the shoreline, and walking inland. This area is known as the Old Town, and as well as including the usual shops and facilities, it also features several examples of interesting architecture. The standout is surely the Priory Church of St. Mary. This building, which is often just called Bridlington Priory, was originally founded in the early 12th century. It became one of the richest religious houses in England, but was then destroyed at the peak of its wealth during Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. However, a third of the building was still left standing, and for many years services were still held within this last fragment of the once-powerful church. Over the years, repairs were gradually carried out, until a huge refurbishment in 1874 finally restored the church to the full, completed building that can be seen today.
Just north of Bridlington is Flamborough Head, a 13-kilometre-long spike of land that juts out from the rest of Yorkshire. It's known for its tall chalk cliffs, and for its lighthouses. One of these, which dates from 1674, is actually made of chalk itself. It's the oldest completed lighthouse building left in England. The nearby Bempton cliffs are another interesting destination, especially for keen birdwatchers. The entirety of this area is a protected nature reserve, filled with hundreds and hundreds of seabirds, including gannets and puffins.

Flamborough Head
Photo artq55

Flamborough Lighthouse
Photo Gidzy
On the surface, Bridlington may seem like just another small seaside resort. But by taking a step back from the beach, and exploring just a little, it reveals so much more.
Visitor Information
Sewerby Hall, Gardens & Zoo is open daily, 10am to 4pm (Hall closed during the winter). Entry costs around £4.30 for adults, £2.30 children (Zoo additional £2 for adults, £1 children). Sewerby Hall & Gardens, Church Lane, Sewerby, Bridlington, YO15 1EA. Tel: 01262 673769

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