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Many College customs have become annual festival events, enjoyed by everyone

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Beer Festival
Film Festival
Folk Festival
Shakespeare Festival
There are four great festivals that Cambridge boasts throughout its year. The Folk Festival is famous for its eclectic music, broadly encompassing a range of styles that could loosely be called folk! In 1965, the first Folk Festival was a hit, including a bill appearance from a very young Paul Simon. Nowadays, the well-known names of folk still gather gladly to perform – with some of those famous names being members of the audience who get up to play off the cuff in the Club Tent.

Singing at the Cambridge Folk Festival
Photo 6tee-zeven
Cambridge also has a Film Festival, which had become one of the largest film festivals in the UK. The unique and wonderful thing about this festival is that all the films are open to the public to watch. The films shown are usually international films that have made their first appearance at A-list film festivals like Cannes – well worth a trip to Cambridge for any film connoisseur.
A Cambridge Beer Festival takes place in both the winter and the summer, with the summer one being the most vibrant. It started in 1974, and is now held on Jesus Green as it has become the 3rd largest Beer Festival in England, when measured in visitors. In recent years it has boasted almost 200 real ales, and 50 ciders and parries. You will also find a renowned cheese stall with an extensive selection for all you cheese aficionados.

Pouring out a pint at the Cambridge Beer Festival
Picture © fortysix_vie (CC)
Finally, we come to what has grown to be a defining cultural event in Cambridge – the Shakespeare Festival. It has been going for over twenty years, and attracts a stunning 25,000 visitors and more a year, over eight weeks in July and August. To perform in one of the companies here is a great privilege – and a unique experience is had by all. Spectators enjoy picnics out in the open as they watch, and the luxury of the incredible surroundings these plays are performed in. The sun sets in the back ground for these al fresco productions, as some of the best ever written words of English drama are recited before you.
Visitor Information
The Beer Festival is held in late May. The Folk Festival is held in late July. The Shakespeare Festival takes places mid July to late August. The Film Festival takes place in September.
Cambridge Tourist Information Centre, Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3AD. Tel: 0871 226 8006

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