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Once, several modest craft stalls, now, the 4th most popular attraction in London with shops and stalls that have long since burst the borders of the original site at Camden Lock

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It's easy to think of Camden as one colossal market, as the shops and stalls have long since burst the borders of the original site at Camden Lock, and spread far and wide. Even the shops on the high street are part of it now; with open-wide fronts in the market style. There are several sections, including the hub at Camden Lock, the redeveloped Stables Market, and the Electric Ballroom clothes market - but they're difficult to define, because each one seamlessly leads into the next.

Camden Lock
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Camden is often associated with the more alternative scenes of society, and while that is most certainly still true – as can be seen in its many original fashion stores – there is more to it than that. The market sells all kinds of goods, from furniture, to books, to musical instruments, and  almost everything is unique. With so many vendors, it's impossible to predict what you'll come across next. There are also dozens of food outlets, which gives a great atmosphere, as friendly stall owners cry out to passers-by, offering a free taste and bargain prices.

Camden Market Stall
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Throughout the market's life, there have been persistent rumours of larger chains attempting to set up shop amongst the independent traders. However, both shoppers and shopkeepers alike have protested against this idea, and these objections, plus the size and design restrictions placed on shop units, have all contributed towards keeping the independence and personality of the market.

Did You Know?

In the run-up to Christmas 2004, radio DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans decided to clear-out his garage, and set  up a stall in Camden to sell everything from TVs, to kitchen utensils.

Independent Traders
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Part of Camden’s personality is its messiness. Courtyards, alleys, and stairs all spiral off one another in unexpected directions, making it difficult to ever know where you are. There are maps available for most of the site, but even these have trouble pinning down the sprawl into an accurate representation. Camden locals themselves never know when they're going to stumble across something they've never found before. Maybe that's what keeps half a million people coming back, every single week.

Camden Stables
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Did You Know?

Camden Market is popular with high-profile fashion designers – stars like Jean Paul Gaultier, Georgio Armani, and Stella McCartney, have all been spotted browsing the clothes rails.

Camden Canal Market
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Visitor Information
Camden Market is open daily, 10am to 6pm. Entry is FREE. The market sells all kind of items including alternative clothes and a wide range of foods.

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