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Possibly England's prettiest village, situated just south of the Cotswolds

Castle Combe distils everything the Cotwolds are famous for into a single tiny village. Stone cottages gather before a background of trees and plants. Small streets wind casually past trickling waterways.
The castle from the village's name once stood on a hill above the houses, but it has long since disappeared. Today's most famous landmark is the Market Cross. This relatively modest structure has marked the settlement's main junction since the 14th century. Nearby, you'll notice a small set of steps that don't actually lead anywhere. These were for horse riders to get more easily on or off their steeds.
While many of Britain's historic market towns are busy places, this isn't really true of Castle Combe. It's known as a peaceful neighbourhood, with an unspoilt beauty. Even in the 60s, newspapers were calling this the "prettiest village in England". Inevitably, this spotlight means that the quiet atmosphere can sometimes be broken.
The most interesting noise-makers are the film production teams. The village looks as good on the screen as it does in real life, so it's often used for both television and cinema. So far its biggest starring role was in Stardust, a Hollywood fantasy that went on to make $90 million.
Another interruption to the peace and quiet is the Castle Combe Circuit. This 3 kilometre long motor racing track is just a short walk from the village. It was once an RAF airfield, but was converted in 1950. Since then it has hosted a variety of vehicles, from motorbikes to Formula Three cars. As well as the races, the circuit organises motor conventions and car boot sales. Occasionally, you can even drive around the track yourself.
The bigger events, such as the Formula Three championships, have recently been outlawed from Castle Combe because of excess noise levels. The local human beings may have been disturbed by the sound, but the animal population apparently wasn't. For decades, the tyre barriers around the circuit have been home to a large colony of rabbits!
The two halves of Castle Combe couldn't be more different. The racetrack is a dozen times bigger, a dozen times louder and a dozen times faster. Nevertheless, it's the village's slow pace that's likely to leave the more lasting impression.

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