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Plaster cast reproductions of classical ancient Greek and Roman Statues

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Farnese Heracles
Olympia Pediments
Peplos Kore
Sounion Kouros
The Museum of Classical Archaeology is one of the many Cambridge University museums and is apart of the University’s Faculty of Classics. It is one of the few remaining collections of Greek and Roman sculpture plaster casts in the world.

Classic plaster casts on display
The fine and extensive collection of around 450 casts is housed in a purpose built Cast Gallery. Whilst original pieces are not to be found in the museum, casts of many of the most famous pieces from Classical sculpture can be found in the gallery, painstakingly replicated from their originals. Alongside the Cast Gallery, which is open to the public, a reserve research collection also exists, with a further 200 plaster casts, epigraphic squeezes and bits of pottery. These pieces can be viewed via prior arrangement.
One of the gallery’s most famous sculpture casts, is that of the Peplos Kore, which depicts a young Greek woman wearing a peplos or garment. The reason for the cast’s fame is that it has been painted as it would have originally been, situated atop the Acropolis in Athens around 530 BC.
Located on the first floor of the Classics Faculty on Sidgwick Avenue, just west of the city centre, entrance to the museum is free. The Cast Gallery provides a unique opportunity to see Classical sculptures grouped together as first intended, and unlike their original counterparts, not divided up between different museums. It provides an exclusive peak into the history of Classical sculpture and is a hidden gem for all lovers of history, fine artwork and craftsmanship.
Visitor Information
The museum is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm (10am to 1pm Saturdays in term time). Entrance is FREE. Tel: 01223 335 153

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