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A perfect starting point for expeditions into the Peak District

Edale is the name of both a small Peak District village, and the valley that contains it. The place developed slowly through Medieval times. While other settlements were busy farming and building, these activities were discouraged here. This is because the village was within the borders of the Royal Forest, a protected area where the King went hunting.
The strict rules were eventually relaxed, and the valley belatedly began to evolve. Its dry stone walls may look as old as time, but they've only been there for a couple of hundred years. After the advent of the railway, tourism began to take off. The public were given "right to roam", so in the present day you can walk just about anywhere you like.
Despite the influx of visitors, Edale remains unspoiled. The valley's flowing green vistas are a perfect example of beautiful Peak District scenery. You can investigate its ups and downs on foot, by bicycle, or even by hang-glider.
The village itself is a relatively quiet place, with just a few shops and a couple of pubs. One of these, the Old Nag's Head, is something of an institution among the country's walkers. They've been lounging among its low ceilings and open fires since Elizabeth I was Queen of England.
The Nag's current fame stems from the fact that it is the start point of the Pennine Way. This was the first official National Trail in Britain. It runs for 429 kilometres, through the entire Pennine mountain range and into Scotland. Finishing the entire thing is a monumental task, so most people tend to just hike small sections.
In truth, you don't have to use the Pennine Way at all to find a good walk in Edale. There are plenty of other interesting places to aim for. You can investigate the valley's other settlements, known as "booths". They developed from old shepherds' shelters into tiny clusters of quiet farmhouses.
Surrounding the buildings are dozens of hills and mountains. Much of the area is several hundred metres above sea level, so the views can be something to behold. The highest point in Derbyshire is the summit of Kinder Scout, a towering plateau that watches over the village like a concerned parent. It's generally considered to be the southernmost hill of the Peak District, so its conquerors can see the entirety of the National Park spreading out before them. Edale acts as the perfect start point for expeditions into this green wilderness.

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