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A truly unique place bursting with life and energy, with loads to see and do

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Rainforest Biome
Mediterranean Biome
The Core
The Eden Project is a truly unique place bursting with life and energy. Called a 'Project' because it is continually a work in progress, ever exploring ideas and the changes of our world, there is always something new to see, try, learn and smell!
The Eden Project is officially an educational charity. Its purpose is to bring together science, technology, business and the arts to promote the understanding of our dependence on plants as a human species. It seeks to educate visitors on how and why we need to look after our environment - believing that it can all help lead our world to a sustainable and better future.
It was first opened to visitors in March 2001. What led up to this day was a team of optimists who held a dream for what was probably one of the most difficult horticultural challenges of all time. The chosen site was a sterile, uneven wasteland - a China clay quarry coming to the end of its working life. Yet with visionaries who like to say 'demand the impossible', it is no surprise that what we see today is an international place of interest, attracting almost seven million visitors since its opening.
The Eden Project contains the two largest conservatories in the world - the larger of which could hold the Tower of London! They are called The Rainforest Biome, and the Mediterranean Biome. Inside them grows bananas, coffee, orchids, scores of tulips in almost every colour you could think of - and more! In fact, at Eden you will be able to see over one million plants and more than 5,000 different species from all over the globe.

Wandering inside the Biome's of the Eden Project
Photo Samuel Mann
Eden is also famous for its spectacular range of events and art. There are theatre shows, workshops, story-telling, lectures, live music - the list could go on! Much more than just a 'global garden', The Eden project also has an outdoor arena that can hold around 5,500 people. It has played host to a variety of events. For example, 'The Last Night of the Proms', and the hugely popular 'Eden Sessions' where top names like The Verve and Badly Drawn Boy made an appearance. You will also see larger than life artwork by an accredited list of artists - promoting care of the environment in their own eye-catching way.
There is also a whole assortment of activities for children. These include trails to engage children in thinking about how plants play an important part in their lives, and the incredibly fun but messy 'Mud Between Your Toes' program. The award-winning 15 million education centre known as the Core sees 250 school children from Cornwall and around the UK every day. It not only aims to explore ways of learning and link the National Curriculum with current world issues, but also to motivate people of all ages to engage with environmental change.

Inside the Core
Photo andrew_j_w
The Eden Project really is an exceptional initiative well worth a visit. Whether it's dazzling us with the colours and smells from around the world or proving that a sustainable, eco-conscious business can succeed and bring in around 800 million into the local economy, it is a place where hope grows out of the ground whilst the big questions of our world's future are asked.
Visitor Information
The Eden Project is open daily, 9am to 6pm (closes early in winter). Entry costs around £18 for adults, £6 children. Bodelva, St Austell, Cornwall, PL24 2SG. Tel: 01726 811 911

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