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The largest nation in the UK with an extremely varied landscape and seasonal climate

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England is the largest nation in the United Kingdom, with a population of over 50 million people. Its landscape is extremely varied including huge mountains, lakes, forests, rolling plains, moor land, green fields, dramatic coastline, beaches - and of course, the cities.
For any visitor, the number one, must-see destination is England's largest city, and its capital: London. Within the boundaries of this huge urban area lie most of the country's most famous landmarks, from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, to the Queen's residence at Buckingham Palace.
Despite this, London's biggest attraction is simply the amount of things that you can do here. It is the country's centre for just about every area of culture, and it would take a lifetime to explore everything. There are film premires in Leicester Square, and famous stars performing in the West End. Art galleries like the Tate Modern exhibit new and innovative works that wow the globe. The biggest bands in the world perform sell-out concerts at a number of huge venues, like the O2 Dome or Earl's Court.
These glitzy events are rightfully popular, but they're just the tip of London's iceberg. Just below the surface is a vast, endless amount of activity, with enough entertainment going on every night to give you a headache from sheer choice.
Elsewhere, England's other big cities aren't too far behind. They may not compare in size to the nation's capital, but they're still cultural metropolises that burst at the seams with possibilities. Many of them have their own unique charms, such as Liverpool's historic docks, or Birmingham's ultra-modern shopping centre, the Bull Ring.
Outside of the urban sprawl, England reveals its calmer, more relaxed side. National parks like the Lake District offer absolutely stunning, picture-postcard views, which you can enjoy from a mountain path, or from the deck of a slowly bobbing yacht. The frequent ups-and-downs of hilly areas like this contrast perfectly with the country's flatlands, such as Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks. Here, the views stretch out for miles and miles, and it's easy to forget that the big cities even exist.
For many, the typical vision of England contains quaint, riverside cottages, or horse riders trotting elegantly through green fields. Nowhere is this closer to the truth than in areas like the Cotswolds, with their famous villages, arched bridges, and dry stone walls.
In slightly bigger towns, you can see incredible examples of the country's rich architectural history, such as the awe-inspiring cathedrals at Canterbury, or Durham. Other towns are made almost completely from beautiful old buildings, such as the ancient Roman stronghold of York.
In short, England features a wonderful mix of old heritage, and new development. In many places these two opposites sit alongside each other, making this country an attractive, interesting destination that's full of things to do.

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