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An historic bakery and restaurant, well known for its Chelsea buns

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Chelsea Buns
Fitzbillies is Cambridge’s most famous bakery and was established in 1922 by the Mason brothers. The Fitzbillies establishment now also includes a café and restaurant. Fitzbillies can be found in the heart of the city on Trumpington Street, just opposite the old Cambridge University Press building and not too far from the Fitzwilliam museum, from which the bakery takes its name.

The front of the bakery

Admiring the cakes and buns in the bakery
Fitzbillies is a classic English family business which provides a taste of old England. The secret recipes have been well guarded and the bakery is famous for its Chelsea buns as well as a wide selection of fruitcakes and sponges.  It has long been a part of Cambridge’s traditional outlets and as a result of age old family recipes and good old hard work, the business has survived the modern onslaught of fast food bakeries and cheap chain stores. The bakery is popular amongst students, dons and locals and the attached café has no doubt been the location of many a zealous debate and the sight of much inspirational musings.

The restaurant adjacent to the bakery
A trip to Fitzbillies is like a trip back in time. Back to an era of penny farthings and flannel trousers. And whilst the buns no longer cost a six pence, much of the original character remains.  Set amongst the historic buildings of central Cambridge, the art deco lampshades and simple décor, provides a stark 1920’s contrast to the medieval architecture that dominates the city.
Whilst wandering the beautiful, historic streets of this University City, one surely deserves an equally historic and flavoursome snack! Fitzbillies’ sticky Chelsea buns have been exported to all 7 continents, so why not join the scientists of Antarctica and nibble on a true Cambridge treasure.
Visitor Information
Fitzbillies Restaurant and Shop is open daily till around 5pm. The Restaurant also serves evening meals Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm. 52 Trumpington Street, CB2 1RG. Tel: 01223 352 500

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