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A small, pretty village in the centre of the Lake District National Park

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Wordsworth's Houses
Grasmere Sports
Grasmere Lake
Grasmere is a small, pretty village in the centre of the Lake District National Park. It's a popular destination, thanks to both its convenient location, and its own unique history.

Grasmere from Stone Arthur
Photo Mick Knapton
For many years, Grasmere was the home of the celebrated poet William Wordsworth, who famously described the place as "the loveliest spot that man hath ever found". He spent many years living in Dove Cottage, an attractive little building surrounded by greenery. The cottage is now open to the public, who can come and look at all of Wordsworth's old possessions. There is also a Museum next door, giving even more information about the poet and his peers.
Later in his life, Wordsworth moved to Rydal Mount, a bigger house that also stands nearby. It's impossible to say which of the two home is the more beautiful - but since Rydal Mount is also open for public viewing, you're free to make the decision for yourself.
The remains of William Wordsworth and his family are buried at St Oswald's Church, in the centre of Grasmere. For many years his grave has seen countless visits from fans and admirers.
In the corner of the church yard lies a small, modest little gingerbread shop. You might not realise straightaway, but this store has actually been going for over a century and a half! It was set up by Sarah Nelson, whose gingerbread recipe has been passed down, generation after generation, as a well-kept family secret. Even after this much time, the hidden method of making these delicious treats hasn't been divulged.

Grasmere Gingerbread Shop
Photo houghtonbirds (cc)
If you accidentally eat a little bit more gingerbread than you should, then don't worry, because the village of Grasmere provides good opportunities for a bit of exercise. This ranges from low-level walks around the lake, to more serious hikes around the larger hills. The area is also a popular spot for "fell-running", a sport that involves ascending steep hills or inclines as speedily as possible!
One of the most well known fells in the area is Helm Crag, which is over 400 metres tall. The rocks at its peak are formed into an unusual shape, to which people have been trying to give an appropriate nickname. However, nobody can actually agree on what it looks like, so it's ended up with dozens of different names! The most popular at the moment are "the old lady at the piano", and "the lion and lamb".

Grasmere from Lougrigg Terrace
Photo PD
As well as fell-running, Grasmere is a prime area for several other games, most of which are played during the annual Grasmere Sports festival every August. Events include hound trailing, and Cumberland wrestling!
Of course, the village of Grasmere shares its name with the adjacent lake - which is smaller than many of the others in the Lake District, but no less idyllic. In fact, one of the best ways to spend a day in Grasmere is to hire a rowing boat, and just paddle around aimlessly on the water, taking in the peace and quiet.

Shops in Grasmere
Photo foshie (cc)

Allcock Tarn Walk

A popular walk from Grasmere giving terrific views of Grasmere and the surrounding Fells. With a 1000 ft of climb it is testing but can be reached with care by the ordinary walker. On a fine day there are views out to Morecambe Bay. Mountains you will see from the summit are the Coniston Old Man range, with Wetherlam on its right, Pike o'Blisco and the distinctive summits of Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and the Langdale Pikes.
Visitor Information
Grasmere Tourist Information Centre, Redbank Road, Grasmere, LA22 9SW. Tel: 015394 35245

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