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The westernmost point on the English mainland, and one of the country's most famous landmarks

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Land's End Sign
Theme Park
Sennen Cove
Land's End is the westernmost point on the English mainland, and one of the country's most famous landmarks. You can stand at its edge and gaze out at the Atlantic Ocean, with nothing but water separating you and America.

Sunset over Lands End
Photo kayugee
It's interesting to note that this isn't actually the most westerly place in Great Britain. That's in Scotland, 35 kilometres further west. It's also possible to go further south, at Lizard's Point, just a short distance to the southeast. Land's End, though, is the point that has become known as the traditional last point of England, and its famous sign has been photographed thousands of times.
The sign can be altered to proclaim the distances to several famous places, in fact to wherever you have come from! New York, for example, is 3147 miles away. In the opposite direction, the sign points to John o'Groats, which is the northernmost settlement in Scotland. The distance from Land's End to John o'Groats is 874 miles, and this has become the accepted route for many different races and charity events, when brave people attempt to travel the entire length of Great Britain. By bicycle, it usually takes around a fortnight. Walkers can often take several months, although the record stands at just nine days! Many people have attempted the challenge using a variety of different methods, such as by skateboard, by wheel-chair, and by bus pass. One strange person even managed to complete the walk naked! People who have successfully finished the challenge become known as "end to enders".

Photo Stuart Preston
The scenery at land's End itself is mostly desolate rocks and stark cliffs. It's appropriately dramatic, but for a little more cheeriness, and a little more colour, there is a nearby theme park, which attracts the majority of the area's tourists. The park contains a multitude of wildly different activities, including a petting zoo and an informative exhibit based on the television show "Coast". There are also several shops, which mostly sell souvenirs and locally sourced foods.
Just around the corner from Land's End is Sennen Cove. The village here is home to less than 200 people, but this tiny settlement receives visitors from all over the country. The reason for this is its beach, which has attained a European "Blue Flag" award for cleanliness. It is particularly well regarded within Britain's surfing community, who flock here to catch the waves. The bay is protected from strong winds and swell, making for perfect conditions.

Sennen Cove
Photo lofaesofa
If by some unfortunate chance you get into trouble while you're out in the water, then don't worry, because Sennen Cove is ably protected by Britain's first ever canine lifeguard. Bilbo the dog has been working here since 2005, rescuing swimmers, and raising awareness about beach safety.
Land's End is an enduringly popular destination for any tourist in the area. In the past, many of them probably just took a photograph next to the sign, and then went home. But today, there are enough attractions here to make this trip last a lot longer than five minutes.
Visitor Information
Land’s End is open daily from 10am to 5 pm (reduced hours in winter). Entry costs around £4 for adults, £3 for children. Sennen, Cornwall, TR19 7AA. Tel: 08717 200 044

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