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The introduction of horse racing to Britain is credited to King James I, and his son Charles I. Their favourite place to do it was at the "prime sporting country" of Newmarket, in Suffolk. Their frequent presence would change the identity of this small market town forever.
The monarchs built royal accomodations, set up racetracks and conducted organised competitions. Three-and-a-half centuries later Newmarket boasts fifty horse training stables, two large racetracks and over sixty breeding farms. It's home to Europe's biggest equine auction site - Tattersall's - and the world's best horse hospitals. At any once time there are around 5000 thoroughbred horses here; half being raised and another half in training. This is horse racing's undisputed headquarters and spiritual home.
The sport's influence on Newmarket is obvious to even the briefest visitors. On the town's streets horses have automatic right of way - not to mention their own traffic lights.
In the mornings you can go to Warren Hill, the main training ground, to see both the horses and jockeys preparing for competition. In the spring and autumn the races take place at the Rowley Mile course, while the July Course is used in the summer. Keep an eye out for royals and celebrities, who are often in attendance.
Newmarket's most prominent breeding ground is the National Stud. It's the only working stud farm in the UK that lets the public through its doors. The guided tours take in newborn foals, resident stallions and grazing mares. Some of animals you're seeing may be former race participants, or even Grand National winners.
The town's high street is home to the National Horseracing Museum. It charts the sport's journey from royal pastime to global obsession. Along the way the exhibits tell the stories of former champions. There are racing related artworks, historic trophies and even a royal horse's preserved head.
Visitor Information
Newmarket Tourist Information Centre, 63 The Guineas, Newmarket, CB8 8HT. Tel: 01638 719 749
National Horse Racing Museum is open daily, March to December, 10am to 5pm (4pm Sunday). Entry costs around £7. 99 High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JH. Tel: 01638 667 333

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