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An atmospheric pub that claims to be oldest in the centre of Cambridge

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The Pickerel is allegedly the oldest pub in the city centre and dates back to at least the 16th century.  The building has had a colourful history, having previously been a gin palace, a brothel and an opium den! However, alcohol is strictly the only intoxicating substance on sale these days! This gaudy heritage has resulted in the Inn developing a unique and distinct character. Dark wooden beams and a creaking wooden floor add to the atmosphere, and in winter candles often flicker in the pubs history filled corners.
Popular with students from the nearby Magdalene College, as well as older punters, the Pickerel Inn has established itself as one of the most popular and ambient pubs in the city. Visitors can enjoy a fine selection of real ales, wines, continental beers on tap, and in the winter heart warming mulled wine. The Inn also serves a hearty menu of pub food and snacks and has outside seating and wireless internet access.
A trip to the Pickerel is a journey through Cambridge’s diverse and fascinating heritage. History seeps out from every groaning floor board and you half expect to find a ghostly figure from the 17th century relaxing in one of the Inn’s many nooks, lost in thought over a tankard of ale. Speaking of ethereal figures, the Pickerel is known for a couple of eerie residents; one is a previous landlady, the other, an old opium smoker who tragically burnt to death in the inn’s alley! So why not go along, sample a local ale and see if you can spot a past visitor for yourself?
Visitor Information
The Pickerel Inn is open daily from 11am till midnight (Sunday till 11pm). Tel: 01223 355 068

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