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One of the greatest aviation museums in the world


Milestones of Flight
Bomber Hall
Historic Hangars
Aeronauts Interactive Centre
Battle of Britain Hall
Graham-White Factory
The Royal Air Force Museum London is housed in the former Hendon Aerodrome, which was an important centre for aviation between 1908 and 1968. The museum consists of several sections containing a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The exhibitions are vast and it is impossible to see everything in a single visit
The Milestones of Flight exhibition was opened on the 17th December 2003, exactly 100 years after the first powered flight by Orville Wright. Elevated viewing areas and interactive technology take you through some of the most important milestones in the history of aviation.

The Milestones of Flight exhibition

In 1909 Louis Bleriot flew an aircraft like this across the English Channel

The Eurofighter Typhoon is the most modern aircraft in the RAF and can fly at twice the speed of sound
Photo Oxyman
Bomber Hall allows you to follow the development of the bomber from its first appearance in World War 1 to the highly sophisticated machines of today. You can also find out about the achievements of RAF Bomber Command and the US Army Air Forces in World War 2. This hall is in part a memorial to the 131,000 young men who died during the combined bombing offensive.

The Avro Lancaster, famous for the dambuster raids and one of the most successful four-engined bombers of WW2
Photo Michael Reeve

The B17 Flying Fortress, the primary bomber of the US Army Eighth Air Force during WW2
The Historic Hangars are listed buildings that were part of the old Hendon Aerodrome and have been linked together by a new building that was created to house part of the museum's collection of fighters. The Historic Hangars contain five separate exhibitions each telling a different story about the RAF and its aircraft. The five sections are Whirling Rotors, Wings Over Water, The RAF Overseas, Fighters and Jets.

The only surviving Hawker Typhoon in the world can be found in the Fighter Section
Photo Dapi89

Did You Know?

The Aeronauts Interactive Centre is filled with hands-on experiments to help people of all ages understand the science and technology of flight.
The Battle of Britain Hall tells the story of the world's first decisive air battle - when the Royal Air Force stood alone against the might of the German Luftwaffe. Alongside the aeroplanes that fought for supremacy over the Channel, there are interactive displays giving an insight into the minds and actions of those who experienced the battle first hand.

The Spitfire, one of the most famous aeroplanes taking part in the Battle of Britain
The Graham-White Factory was established here in Hendon by Claude Graham-White as a flying training school. Many air displays and record breaking flights took place here before and after the aerodrome was taken over for war service in 1914. This listed historic building has all the original metal roofing, doors, windows and contains many aircraft which were built in the same period as the factory.

A Sopworth 1 1/2 Strutter in the Graham-White Factory
Visitor Information
RAF Museum London is open daily, 9am to 6pm. Entrance is FREE. RAF Museum London, Grahame Park Way, Colindale, London, NW9 5LL. Tel: 020 8205 2266

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