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A copy of the Holy Church in Jerusalem commemorating the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus

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Conical Roof
Hexagonal Bell Tower
Circular Nave
The Holy Sepulchre is more widely known as the Round Church in Cambridge. It is one of only four remaining round Norman churches in England, and is the oldest having been built around the year 1130.

The Round Church, the oldest of 4 round churches remaining in Britain
Its design is typical of churches in Norman times. This is because 11th Century Crusaders, when on their mission to the Holy Land of Israel, saw within the walled city of Jerusalem a great round church near the centre. It was called the Holy Sepulchre. They brought back this inspiration and replicated it in England. The whole design is aimed at pointing those who come in to Christ’s tomb at the centre, remembering the sacrifice he made in death.

Entrance to the Round Church

Did You Know?

Round Churches were based on the design of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. This was circular so that pilgrims could walk around the site of the tomb of Christ, where he rose from the dead.
In this particular church there would have originally been more apses, and a façade on the east side. The rectangular chancel was added in the 15th Century. The building fell into disrepair during the 19th Century and had to be restored drastically in 1841. It was restored as close as possible to the original Norman style.

The circular Nave inside the Church
Today, the Round Church is no longer used for worship but holds daily exhibitions on its own history and that of Christianity in Cambridge.
Visitor Information
The church is open to visitors daily. Times and entrance costs vary according to events. Tel: 01223 335 511

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