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Named after Catherine of Alexandria who was crucified on a wheel

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Wheel Emblems
St Catherine’s College in the University of Cambridge, was founded in 1473. It was named after St Catherine of Alexandria, more commonly known as St Catherine of the Wheel. She is one of the great martyrs of the Christian faith, having been put to death by Roman Emperor Maxentius in the fifth century AD. St Catherine’s College in Cambridge was officially opened on her memorial day, November 25th. The College is now affectionately known as ‘Catz’ by most students.

St Catharine’s College, Established 1473
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College Motto

For the Wheel! (unofficial)
At first the college didn’t even accommodate undergraduate students. It wasn’t until the 1600s that this changed, and then the college underwent huge refurbishment, to make room for an emphasis on teaching rather than on its Fellows. It also wasn’t until 1979 that St Catherine’s opened its doors to female students. Somewhat of a milestone, 2006 saw the first female Master of the College, Professor Dame Jean Thomas. She was granted her DBE in 2004 for services to biochemistry.

The college Chapel

Even the gargoyles are holding a wheel!
One of St Catherine’s graduates seems to break the usual Cambridge Alumni mould. Herbert Rowse Armstrong, attending the College in the late 1800s and is the only British Solicitor ever to be hung for murder; he was sent to the gallows in the early 1900s for poisoning his wife.

Part of the buildings around the court
However St Catherine’s also boasts entrepreneurial, entertaining and intelligent names like Peter Boizot, founder of popular chain restaurant Pizza Express, TV journalist Jeremy Paxton, and Tim Waterstone, owner of one the biggest book selling chains in Britain, Waterstone’s.
Visitor Information
St Catherine's college is open to visitors daily, 9am to 4pm (except mid May to mid June). Entrance is FREE. Tel: 01223 338 300

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