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Two terrifyingly named, but beautiful villages in the Cotswolds


River Eye
Flour Mill
St Peter's Church
Lord of Manor Hotel
Upper and Lower Slaughter are two neighbouring villages in the Cotswolds. You'll be happy to hear that very little slaughtering actually goes on here. The settlements' unnerving names actually come from an old English word meaning "muddy place". This too is misleading, as neither of them are particularly dirty. Instead, they're bright and clean, full of green grass and yellow stone.

The Well in Lower Slaughter
Upper Slaughter is the smaller of the two, containing barely more than a few houses, making it one of the quietest places in a county that's famous for its quiet places. The prettiest building is arguably the Lord of the Manor Hotel in Lower Slaughter, which was converted from a 17th century mansion. However, St. Peter's Church gives it a run for its money. Both properties offer views of the surrounding meadows and the nearby River Eye.

St Peter's Church.
Photo John Salmon

Stained glass, depicting the wool trade that funded the construction of many Cotswold churches.
Photo Sue H J Hasker

Cottages beside the River Eye.
Photo Philip Halling
Towards the end of the river is a restored 19th century flour mill. It hasn't been used commercially since 1958, but the huge waterwheel still turns. The building is owned by a former singer called Gerald Harris. It's therefore no surprise to hear his favourite old songs floating through the air. You can buy jazz CDs from the 30s and 40s at the gift shop, which also sells all manner of locally-produced arts and crafts. Elsewhere, the site includes a small museum and an ice cream parlour.

The Flour Mill.

Inside the mill's gift shop.
Visitor Information
Lower Slaughter Flour Mill is open daily from 10am to 6pm (limited in winter). Entry costs around £2. Mill Lane, Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire GL54 2HX. Tel: 01451 820 052

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