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Old Bridge
Challenge Bridge
Camel Trail

Tiled Mosaic Welcome to Wadebridge
Photo Phil Williams
Wadebridge is one of North Cornwall's main market towns, located on the banks of the River Camel. The initial settlement was called Wade as in those days there was no bridge over the river. The Old Bridge, built in 1468, has 17 arches, is 320 feet long and became of great strategic importance. One example of that importance was during the English Civil War, when Oliver Cromwell brought 1,500 horsemen to ensure he would take control of the bridge.

The Old Bridge

Photo Olaf Tausch
The Old Bridge is said to be built on wool, this is more likely to mean that it was built from the profits of the wool trade rather than physically from sacks of wool as a foundation! Having said that, when the bridge was widened in 1963, some wool was found in one of the core samples!! Further up the River Camel is a much newer footbridge called 'Challenge Bridge'. This bridge was constructed by Anneka Rice as part of her popular TV series, Challenge Anneka, and is known locally as Anneka's Bridge.

Anneka's Bridge
Photo Ron Strutt
The Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway was opened in 1834 and it carried the first passenger steam trains in Cornwall. The line was closed in 1967 and has been converted into the Camel Trail. The 17.3 miles (27.8 km) long disused and resurfaced railway line provides a popular recreational route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The trail is flat (and suitable for disabled access); running from Padstow to Wenford Bridge via Wadebridge and Bodmin.

The Camel Trail at Wadebridge
Photo Olaf Tausch
Visitor Information
Wadebridge Tourist Information Centre, Piazza, Eddystone Road, Wadebridge. Tel: 01208 813725

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