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Dorset Overview
Containing some of the most attractive natural scenery in the country, as well as featuring several popular seaside resorts
Founded upon the idea of fun, relaxing holidays, and with one of the highest concentrations of hotels in the whole country
A Dorset town with a long, bloody history
Isle of Portland
An island that made its way across the world
Lulworth Cove
When geology starts showing off
Lyme Regis
In the western corner of Dorset with a long history and once one of Britain's most important ports
England's biggest natural harbour
A picture-perfect town, high in the hills of Dorset, made famous by an old TV advert
On the Isle of Purbeck and known for its incredibly diverse array of wild flowers, which cover the landscape in a rainbow of colours
A large town and harbour on the south coast, in the county of Dorset, which has always been a significant port town

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