Pocket Britain
Big Ben
One of the world's largest four faced chiming clocks and London's best known landmark
Buckingham Palace
The official London residence of Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh
Once a peaceful riverside village, now a popular location for the wealthy and often described as a village of Palaces
Decorated streets, Chinese restaurants and aroma-filled shops
Cleopatra's Needle
Originates from quarries in Egypt around 1450 BC and presented to the UK in 1819
Covent Garden
Once the "Larder of London", now a magnet for visitors with open air stalls, street entertainers and stylish shops
Houses of Parliament
The home of the two houses of the English Parliament
Inns of Court
The home of London’s legal profession
Kensington Palace & Gardens
A Palace and Gardens that has been in the Royal family since the 17th century
Leicester Square
The home of London's big cinemas
Natural History Museum
The UK's leading animal and plant-life museum
Oxford Street
London's main shopping district
Piccadilly Circus
Marking the entrance into London’s entertainment district, with an array of neon advertising boards
Tate Britain
A gallery displaying the world's largest collection of British art
Trafalgar Square
London's most famous square and a memorial to Admiral Nelson, hero of the Napoleonic Wars
Westminster Abbey
England's most visited religious site and a living monument to British History

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