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Scotland Overview
One of the four nations of the United Kingdom with a fascinating history, full of dramatic battles and famous heroes
Scottish Borders
A beautiful region in south-eastern Scotland famous for its historic border battles and abbeys
Scotland's beautiful south-west corner
Edinburgh ...
The capital city of Scotland and one of the most trendy and popular European cities
Scotland's third-largest city and nicknamed The Granite City
A living memorial to 17th century industrial Scotland
Historic purveyor of the three J's
Fort William
The largest town in the West Highlands
Scotland's largest city and the industrial hub of this northern nation
The most northerly city in Britain and a perfect base to explore the Scottish Highlands
New Lanark
Technological and philanthropic revolutions, in the same place
The Highlands Overview
Taking up more than half of the country's mainland, the Highlands embody all the images of the rugged, mountainous Scotland
Ben Nevis
The tallest mountain in the UK
Britain's coldest wilderness and a popular skiing resort
Culzean Castle
The former home of an American president
Glen Coe
A beautiful Scottish valley with a tragic past
Loch Lomond
Possibly Scotland's largest lake with lush green islands
Loch Ness
The deepest lake in Scotland world famous for sightings of a its monster
Melrose Abbey
The most important abbey in medieval Scotland
Royal Deeside
The Scottish holiday retreat of the Royal Family
Stirling Castle
Scotland's most important fortress
The Hebrides
A string of islands, dotted off the west coast of Scotland and considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles
The first Christian settlement in Scotland
Mull and Tobermory
The largest island in the Inner Hebrides full of beautiful places, from the tips of its mountains, to the sand on its beaches
A town in the Scottish Highlands, which sits in one of the most picturesque settings imaginable
Orkney Islands
A calm, remote archipelago, just off the tip of Scotland, and one of the most intriguing destinations in the United Kingdom

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