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100 Years ago the RMS Titanic sailed on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic

In April 1912 the RMS Titanic sailed out of Belfast Lough to embark on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic to New York. In the 100 years that have elapsed since those tragic events took place, the whole Titanic story has captivated people all over the world.
The best place to learn more about these stories is in Belfast, the city that brought the Titanic into being. The shipyard where Titanic was built are still going, although they haven't built a ship in quite a while. Visitors to the docks can see where the craft was designed, then where it was constructed and launched. In fact, the entire harbour area is the subject of a brand-new development known as the Titanic Quarter. In this way, the city has ensured that one of its greatest achievements, which became one of the ocean's greatest tragedies, will never be forgotten.
During 2012, Belfast held a series of spectacular events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions throughout the city. Southampton, which was a calling point for Titanic before heading in to the Atlantic, also has a brand new exhibition opened during 2012. This exhibition tells the story of the people of Southampton, their fascinating lives and the city’s historic connection with the sea, including Titanic.
Titanic Quarter
Visit the new Titanic visitor experience, Titanic Dock & Pumphouse and Drawing Offices
Belfast City Hall
A central governement building with many links to the Titanic
Traditional Pubs
A collection of eight traditional pubs in the city of Belfast
Belfast Lough
A nature reserve and shipping lane that's the key to Belfast's success
A city on the south coast of England and a calling point for Titanic before heading into the Atlantic

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