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An ancient building that once served as a guest house for the nearby Abbey

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Garden Surroundings
Medieval Exterior
Rather than being a Roman medical facility, the Hospitium is one of York's most attractive 14th century buildings. It was originally built for use as a guest house by the nearby St. Mary's Abbey, but it has outlasted its parent building, which now lies nearby, in ruins.

Nearby St Mary's Abbey
Since then, the house has gone through several renovations, and has been used for many different things. Nowadays though, it has become one of the city's more unusual venues for conferences and weddings. It has proved to be very popular, especially after a 2008 building project installed toilets and running water for the first time!

Entrance to the Hospitium
Thanks to its location inside the Yorkshire Museum's Gardens, the Hospitium is passed by dozens of people a day - but it is often less-well known than many other tourist attractions. So if you're one of those passers-by, be sure to stop for a moment, and take a look. Having stood the test of time the building deserves it.
Visitor Information
The Hospitium is located in the Museum Gardens, which are open daily 8am to 8pm (winter 8am to 5.30pm). The building is not normally open to the public.

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