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York Introduction
With history, beauty and so many things to see and do in one place, York is an ideal destination for any day of the year
Clifford's Tower
A castle standing alone, on a green mound of earth in the centre of York
National Rail Museum
The largest and oldest railway museum in the world with many prize exhibits
The Shambles
The most famous medieval street in Britain
St Helen's Square
One of the main junctions in York city centre, containing shops, architecture, history, and the cities most famous Café
An ancient street where you can find history, architecture, shopping and entertainment, all in one place
York City Walls
The biggest and best city walls in the country
York Minster
A huge structure dominating the city centre and one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the the world
Holy Trinity Church
An ancient church situated right in the centre of York
St Martin Le Grand
An historic church that has been partly restored after taking a direct hit by a bomb in the air raids of 1942
St Mary's Abbey
Once a home for the King when he visited Yorkshire, but now its ruins are all that remain
St Michael Belfrey
A parish church in shadow of York Minster, with plenty of historic connections
Herbert House
One of York's oldest and most well-known Tudor buildings
The Hospitium
An ancient building that once served as a guest house for the nearby Abbey
Kings Manor
One of York's most important buildings, with its original structure dating over a millenium
Merchant Hall
The largest wooden building in the UK still being used for its original purpose
Multangular Tower
Almost all that is left of the ancient Roman wall built to protect Eboracum in AD 300
Newgate Market
One of the hubs of York commerce, and on any given day, virtually every shopper in the town will pass through it
Old Lady Row
The oldest surviving row of houses in York
The Red House
Once the residence of the Lord Mayor, now a well-respected and prestigious antiques centre
Roman Bath Pub
A pub with a basement containing well preserved Roman bathing rooms
St William's College
A fine Tudor building next to York Minster that is used for medieval dinners and conferences
York Assembly Rooms
One of York's most impressive buildings where it is easy to imagine the lords, dukes and earls partying a night away
York Boat
Cruise the beautiful River Ouse in comfort and style
York Guildhall
Based on the 15th century original, this reconstruction is still serving the city
York Museum Gardens
Beautiful gardens containing many historic buildings
Barley Hall
The home of a former Lord Mayor of York during the 15th century, now lovingly recreated
Castle Museum
An award winning museum located in an old prison and showing what life was like in York in days gone by
Fairfax House
The finest Georgian townhouse in England, with a great collection of Georgian furniture
Jorvik Viking Museum
A museum that re-creates the Viking city of Jorvik from over a millenium ago
Monk Bar
York's most impressive gatehouse, now containing a museum dedicated to one of England's most unpopular Kings
Treasurer's House
Originally home to the treasurers of York Minster, this restored house has 13 rooms presented in a variety of historic styles
York Art Gallery
A gallery containing a fine collection of European and British paintings
York Dungeon
It's very dark, everything looks very real.....and there is definitely something hiding in the shadows
Yorkshire Museum
A museum set among beautiful gardens and showcasing several lifetime's of Yorkshire history

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