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One of the hubs of York commerce, and on any given day, virtually every shopper in the town will pass through it

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Fresh Fish
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York's Newgate Market is one of the city's premier shopping destinations. With its surrounding merchant houses, uneven stone streets, and loud shopkeepers, it seems like something straight out of medieval England. But don't be fooled! The market was actually established here in 1955, which is almost brand-new by York's standards.
Of course, in those times, there were many other markets, selling all kinds of different goods. For the local townsfolk, it was probably the most common way to shop. Over time, the most successful stalls got bigger and bigger, adding more and more permanent fixtures - and eventually, they evolved from tiny little stands, to the huge permanent stores we know so well today.
Despite this, marketplaces have remained popular throughout English history, and in the present day, Newgate Market is still one of the most popular places for the city's residents to spend their money. It consists of 110 different stalls, sitting right in the middle of town, in Europe's largest pedestrianised area. Goods for sale range wildly from fruit and veg, to DVD's and mobile phones. There are many local craftsmen here too, who can sometimes be seen sitting behind their stalls with their tools, selling their products and making new ones, all at the same time!

Gert Henry's Restaurant in the middle of Newgate Market
The market is also very popular with local restaurants, who come for the fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish. They arrive at the crack of dawn to ensure they get the best pick of the day's produce. Much of the food on sale comes direct from local farms and businesses in Yorkshire county, instead of being brought in from further afield.

Fresh Fish
Many of the stalls have a permanent place in Newgate Market, but there are also some available to casual traders. People who are interested in buying a stand for the day have to get up extremely early to put their name on the list - because there's usually a lot of competition! However, with a bit of luck, anyone at all can turn up, and become a merchant.

Colourful clothes for sale
Over the year, they are many different events and special days, when the market focuses on one particular style, or type of product. These include Christmas and Easter markets, craft fairs, and international themes. Newgate remains jam-packed full of customers all year round - in fact, it only ever closes for 3 days out of 365 - Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day.
With its eternal popularity, its place in the centre of the city, and its endless variety, Newgate Market is one of the hubs of York commerce, and on any given day, virtually every shopper in the town will pass through. It's no wonder that the local council describe the place as the heart and soul of the city.
Visitor Information
The market is open daily. Entry is FREE. Tel: 01904 551355

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