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The oldest surviving row of houses in York

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York has many examples of impressive architecture, but the oldest example in the entire city is slightly more modest. You'll find it on Goodramgate - a simple row of small, almost identical terraced houses, that were built all the way back in 1316. The dwellings were intended for the poorer people in society, and as such they were mostly just one ground floor room, and one first floor room.

Our Lady Row Cottages
Of course, in the seven centuries since, the appearance of Our Lady Row has changed a lot. But surprisingly, most of these changes are only to the exteriors of the buildings - the actual timber structures are almost exactly the same as they were, all those years ago.

One of the cottages is now a restaurant

Did You Know?

The cottages are an early example of Jettying, where the upper level projects out over the lower level.
It's not often you get a chance to see houses of such age, so it's worth stopping by. You can catch a rare glimpse of what life was like for some people in the 14th century.
Visitor Information
Our Lady Row can be found along Goodramgate.

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