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It's very dark, everything looks very real.....and there is definitely something hiding in the shadows

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Black Death
Dick Turpin
Ghosts of York
Guy Fawkes
Implements of Torture
Judgement of Sinners
Lost Roman Leigon
York Dungeon is a lively and entertaining tourist attraction, which tells the more sinister stories from the city's past. But it's not a boring, stuffy museum, full of old fossils in sterile glass cases. Instead, it's a museum come to life, with proper sets, reconstructions, and special effects. Even the famous characters from York's history have risen from the dead.
These include the country's most notorious highwayman, Dick Turpin, who led a life of crime on the outskirts of London. The authorities almost caught him, but Turpin narrowly escaped, and fled north, to start a secret life in Yorkshire. Legend has it that he made that 200-mile journey in a mere 15 hours. Unfortunately for him, he was eventually captured - and you'll get to see exactly what his punishment was!

Machines of punshment and torture
Photo Tokyo Butterfly
Visitors will also learn about Guy Fawkes, the infamous bomber who tried to murder a King, the Black Death, a plague that killed 75 million people, and many other gruesome events. You might need to pinch yourself every now and then, because the York Dungeon has a reputation for making everything look worryingly real! The latest attraction, beginning in 2009, was the triumphant return of the Vikings to the city they once conquered. Tours last between 1 and 2 hours, and begin every 7 minutes. There is no age limit, but the very young may find the Dungeon a little too frightening. After all, it's very dark, everything looks very real.....and there is definitely going to be something hiding in the shadows.

Skulls of victims of the Black Death
Visitor Information
York Dungeon is open daily 10.30am to 5pm (4pm in winter) . Entry costs around £12. Tel: 01904 632599

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