Pocket Britain
Cambridge Museums Introduction
Cambridge contains a treasure trove of world class museums
Archaeology and Anthropology Museum
A university museum of archaeology and anthropology, showing many artifacts collected by Cambridge Scholars
Cambridge County Folk Museum
A museum devoted to life in Cambridgeshire
Classic Archaeology Museum
Plaster cast reproductions of classical ancient Greek and Roman Statues
Fitzwilliam Museum
One of the world's greatest galleries of arts and antiques
Kettles Yard
An extraordinary collection of art
The Scott Polar Institute
A fascinating museum showcasing all things linked to research expeditions to the poles of the Earth
Sedgwick Museum
A university museum of earth science and containing more than one million fossils
Whipple Museum
A university museum of science and containing a collection of instruments and models spanning the centuries
Zoology Museum
A spacious university museum containing many specimens collected by Charles Darwin

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