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Top 10 UK City Breaks

Autumn is a popular time of year for city breaks and Britain is blessed with so many cities that are well worth a few days exploring. Our list of the Pocket Britain Top 10 City Breaks will hopefully not only help you decide where to go, but also become your personal tour guide when you visit.
With all that has taken place in and around London this summer, it is no surprise that it tops our list. But we also include some lesser known cities such as Norwich, Chester and Canterbury. For those that fancy an "overseas" trip, Belfast has much to offer including the latter end of it's Titanic centenary celebrations. Finally, the good old favourites of Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford and York, will still prove very popular.
The capital of the UK, with a diverse blend of 2,000 years of history and world leading trade and culture
One of the most beautiful and unique places in England, famous for its architecture
Northern Ireland's capital: traditional and modern all at once
One of the oldest settlements in England, with a beautiful cathedral
A historic university city, full of ancient beauty and stories of global discovery
A beautiful city, full of history from Roman to Victorian
The capital city of Scotland and one of the most trendy and popular European cities
One of Britain's most beautiful and historic cities, packed full of history, educational landmarks and scenic beauty
Considered the capital of East Anglia, Norwich is an important medieval city with a modern twist
With history, beauty and so many things to see and do in one place, York is an ideal destination for any day of the year

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