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A historic university city, full of ancient beauty and stories of global discovery

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Cambridge is a small city, with a big reputation. With its punts and its University, its chapels and its long list of great thinkers and royal students. It is an English jewel 60 miles from London, that can rival most of the world’s major cities for history, scenery and intellect.

Take a photograph of one of the best views in the world, King's Chapel from the Backs
Cambridge is stooped in history that is rich and noble. Its ancient centre is preserved, where medieval streets can be walked on and architecture dating back to the 1400s can be viewed close-up. True to its academic nature, it boasts the oldest bookshop site in England. It also has a Market Square that has housed traders since Saxon times.  Yet in the most prominent position of its historic appeal, is of course, its University.

Enjoy the view of the Bridge of Sighs, taking students over the river at St John's College
Cambridge University was founded in the 12th Century, by a band of scholars from Oxford University who moved North of London after a disagreement with the locals! Since that time Cambridge University has gathered numerous famous names under its belt. John Milton at Christ’s College, Prince Edward at Jesus College, the Darwin family, and Isaac Newton at Trinity College… the list could go on. England and the world beyond have felt the effects of Cambridge graduates; through their thinking, their inventions, their advancements to technology and their theology. Even the names of the University’s 31 colleges are like living history – each one telling the story of something past, that has made a change to our today.

Visit the location of a famous scene from the film Chariots of Fire in Trinity Great Court
But it’s not just the royal, the rich and the super-brainy that can afford an education at Cambridge – there are world renowned museums and libraries for all of us who are visiting too! If you’re looking for polar expeditions to come to life, Egyptian artifacts from 4000 BC to marvel at, dinosaur bones, or even the famous specimens of Darwin from his journey on the Beagle, Cambridge has the museum for you. There are also some fantastic art galleries and exhibitions.

Visit the past in the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, home to some of Samuel Pepys famous diaries

Take in the sights from the top of St Mary the Great
Cambridge is also a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that’s not all books, museums and colleges. It’s host some great festivals throughout the year. The most notable are the Strawberry Fair, with music from around the world, Cambridge Folk Festival, the Shakespeare Festival and who could miss out; May-week. May-week is party-time in Cambridge, when exams are over and glitzy balls, open-air drama and races up the river are all that’s on the curriculum. It’s also actually in June! The drama festivals in years past have showcased some talented young actors before they were discovered – you could find yourself watching the next big star without knowing it.

Try and work out what the mysterious Corpus Clock is all about

Have a laugh while punting on the river and enjoy the stunning views of the Backs

Marvel at the clockwork model solar system on display in the Whipple Museum of Science

Browse in the Haunted Bookshop in St Edward's Passage off King's Parade

Enjoy a pub lunch overlooking the River at the Anchor pub

Take a walk in the Botanic Garden, truly a garden for all seasons
So whether it’s history and the world’s great minds that interest you, punting, partying and art that excites you, or simply the beauty of the River Cam as the light gets low on a summer’s evening that entices you… Cambridge has it all, for you to discover.
Visitor Information
Cambridge Tourist Information Centre, Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3AD. Tel: 0871 226 8006
Most Cambridge Colleges are open daily during term time. Opening times vary. Entry prices are either FREE or a nominal sum. The best colleges are King's, Trinity, St John's and Queen's.
Cambridge University Museums are open daily during term time. Opening times vary. Entry is FREE. Museums include Whipple Museum of Science, Zoology Museum, Sedgwick Museum and the Museum of Archeology & Anthropology.
The Fitzwilliam Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm (plus 12noon to 5pm on Sundays). Entry is FREE. Trumpington Street, Cambridge. Tel: 01223 332900.

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