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Cambridge University Introduction
The anchor point of the city and the second oldest establishment in the English speaking world
Senate House
Grand University buildings used for administration and ceremonies
King's College
The most famous Cambridge College, known for its beautiful Chapel
Christ's College
Recognised to have the best academic achievement among the Cambridge College's
Queens' College
Founded by 2 former Queens, this college is famous for its old court and rickety wooden bridge
St John's College
Named after a 13th Century hospital and featuring an ornate gatehouse and the famous Bridge of Sighs
Trinity College
The largest Cambridge College boasting a famous court and historic library
Clare College
The second oldest college with beautiful gardens and bridge over the Cam
Corpus Christi College
Founded by the people of Cambridge and containing one of the best medieval courts in the city
Darwin College
Named after Charles Darwin and only admits graduate students
Downing College
Named after Sir George Downing, who built 10 Downing Street in London
Emmanuel College
A college with a chapel designed by Sir Christopher Wren, who also designed St Paul's Cathedral in London
Gonville Caius College
A lovely college with three famous gates marking the stages of academic life
Jesus College
A college set in beautiful spacious grounds
Magdalene College
A college famous for its Pepys Library, home to six volumes of his famous diary
Pembroke College
The 3rd oldest College with a stunning Chapel, designed by Sir Christopher Wren
Cambridge Universities oldest and smallest College
Sidney Sussex College
Known by students as Sidney Sainsbury's, due to its central location!
St Catherine's College
Named after Catherine of Alexandria who was crucified on a wheel

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